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Pilar Climent comes from a family of artist. Both her father and sister are well known painters.


She developed her Metal Furniture Project in 1994, as an Art Object Collection.


Her work is highly appreciated among interior designers, architects, and art dealers.


Her pieces have been shown in many art and design galleries and has participated inZona Maco Art Fair.


Aside from her well known cabinetes, she has colaborated designing art pieces for Important Architects an nterior designers.

Two relevant examples are a monumental facade for the new building in Carnegie Mellon University, in Doha,


Qatar; and more recently an art gate for Stanford University, in California, both for Legorreta + Legorreta  Architects.


Her techniques include Hand and Machine steel cut, handmade patina, metal leaf Applications, as well as different inlaid stones. Among her most important assets are her custom made pieces that adapt to each client necesities.


Her work is a perfect accent piece eather for sofisticated recidences or instututional working places.

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